snake and apple

Got your attention.  This is going to be free writing. Before you turn your attention to the body of this book, take some time to reflect on the sexual attitudes of the family and culture in which you were raised. Free-associate with pen in hand or sitting at the computer. Benedict, Elizabeth. The Joy of Writing Sex: A Guide for Fiction Writers (p. 3). Growing up, even on a farm, I was sadly naive.  I had…

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A Missing Platoon and a pissed-off Gunny

For Rainbow Snippets from Present Uncertain by Harrison Phillips [my paranormal pen name].  How can you lose 45 Marines on the base? From Chapter 5 Gunny counted ten men staring at him from formation. By his count, he was missing about forty-five men including his squad leaders and his staff sergeant. How in the hell could you lose forty-five Marines? “Marcus!” “Yes, sir?” A nervous Lance Corporal stepped forward. He was the highest-ranking noncom at the moment.…

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The Birthday Curse at work.

Brick wall

Obstacles to writing come in many forms. Mental and physical.  Reality based and self generated.  In some cases, the self generated is the hardest to deal with. Doubts, fears, insecurities intrude as well as the obstacles of what is called old tapes.  None of those apply to my current obstacle.  In my current case, it’s simply my birthday. I really hate birthdays.  It isn’t the I’m getting older but the “Birthday Curse” at work.  I…

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Welcome Aboard

Someone blew up the htaccess file of the blog. No names will be mentioned. So it’s a brand new day.  Again.

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